Ultimate Blackjack Tour- Interesting Facts and Details

The Ultimate Blackjack Tour is considered to be one of the most respected and famous blackjack tournaments in the blackjack world right now. Right from the time it had been first launched, the tournament managed to grab the attention of the viewers and players from all over the world.

The uproarious response

The Ultimate Blackjack Tour managed to get itself an uproarious response in terms of ratings of the show. The reason for this response had been because of the format of the tournament. The elimination style of blackjack tournament took the game from boring to a non-stop thrill action for the spectators. The players do not have to sit back and wait for their right moment to strike gold. The entire idea behind this style of tournament was to push the players into making their move. The lowest chip holding player at the end of the specified round is automatically eliminated from the tournament, thus pushing their players to do their best and do it soon.

The secret bet

What also worked in the favor of the tournament and added to the excitement was the introduction of the well known “secret bet”. During any time of the match, a player could initiate the secret bet in order to make use of strategic maneuvers like bluffing away their opponents.

The viewer’s privilege

For the viewers of the tournament there had been an added privilege which increased the intrigue level. The viewers had privilege to the hole cards of the dealer. The viewers would thus know the outcome of all the hands before even the players would know it. What this move did was add an emotional element to the entire tournament experience since they encouraged their favorite players mentally to do the right thing. This was what really made the ratings of the tournaments soar through the roof. There was a lot of emotional stimulation and with that UBT made the right move.

Open to all

UBT is open to all people who are of legal age. The only thing that the participants have to do is to pay in a required fee. There are satellite tournaments held at various locations and even by playing blackjack online, players are awarded a seat at the main events of UBT.

The show is hosted by Mati Moralejo and Max Rubin along with Nikki Ziering and Shandi Finnessey as side reporters. UBT made its way around the world as the tour was held in different resorts in several different cities.

In its first ever season, the tournament had consisted of ten episodes. The first eight episodes had been the weekly event which led to the champions tournament in the ninth episode. The final and the tenth episode is where the final is played out. Usually, UBT attracts the best names in the blackjack industry with the likes of Ken Einiger, Ken Smith, Anthony Curtis, Stanford Wang, David Matthews, Mike Aponte and James Grosjean.

The UBT is truly what it name suggests, the ultimate tournament of blackjack.


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